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The latest presentations and white papers from Insyde Software aim to provide insight into recent industry trends, advancements in computing technology, and how to leverage Insyde Software's products and services to help enhance and speed-up your product development. Check back often to learn more!

Recent Presentations

System Prep Applications - Powerful New Feature in UEFI 2.5

See what System Prep Applications are in UEFI 2.5. You may also view the presentation on the UEFI Forum's YouTube Channel.

Building a UEFI Security Test Strategy

Learn about building a UEFI Test Strategy from the Fall 2014 UEFI Plugfest. You may also view the presentation on the UEFI Forum's YouTube Channel.

UEFI Spec Version 2.4 Facilitates Secure Update

In addition to our blog series on the UEFI 2.4 specification, learn more about how the latest UEFI 2.4 specification helps facilitate the secure update feature on new computing platforms.

Implementing a UEFI BIOS into an Embedded System

Get an introduction to the advantages of using a UEFI BIOS for embedded systems, and see why Insyde Software is the best partner to help get your new embedded design to market.

BIOS Customizations for Optimized RTOS Performance

Do you have an upcoming Intel® Atom™ design where achieving optimal RTOS (real-time OS) performance is critical? View this presentation to learn more about how SMIs (system management interrupts) are handled and why Insyde's SMI-optimized BIOS for Intel Atom platforms provides the best combination for optimal RTOS performance.

Fast Boot Times with InsydeH2O®

Fast boot times and fast operating system load times are in high demand from customers and operating system providers. View this presentation to see how InsydeH2O® technology on Intel® Atom™ processors answers this demand by offering a new level of fast boot time performance for new platforms.

White Papers & Case Studies

Matrox® Keeps a Close Eye on the Factory Floor with Help from Intel® and Insyde®

Our latest case study explores how Matrox Imaging leveraged Insyde's UEFI firmware solutions and expertise along with Intel's powerful and efficient Intel Core processors to deliver their latest machine vision controller to market. Learn how Matrox was able to take advantage of InsydeH2O to create a secure, full featured-platform while reducing their overall development time. Sponsored by the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance.

Deploy Fast & Secure IoT Solutions with Insyde® Software’s BlinkBoot® and Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP)

Insyde® Software BlinkBoot® is a UEFI-based boot loader that leverages Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) to deliver simple, fast and scalable firmware solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

Practical Approaches to Protecting Signing Keys on UEFI-based Systems

Protecting signing keys used in the secure boot infrastructure is a new challenge for OEMs and ODMs designing and building UEFI based computing platforms. Protection of these keys is critical. If signing keys are compromised, control of critical pieces of a company’s product line can be lost. A company that does not have security experts and a large security budget may think protection of signing keys is not feasible. This paper provides some practical advice on how to address this issue with limited resources.

Creating an Embedded Product with Support for UEFI Secure Boot

Embedded system designers want to control what software runs on their system. This enhances security of a system, and makes it much more difficult for unauthorized software to run during the boot of a system. However, to ship a system with the secure boot feature enabled, fundamental changes need to be made to the way the system is designed, manufactured, deployed, and maintained. Many companies have used signing services for operating system drivers, but supporting the secure boot infrastructure on a product line is a much more difficult proposition. This paper discusses aspects of this problem and reviews resources that can help solve it. The focus is on embedded systems, but the principles are applicable to any computer system.


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"Insyde’s unique UEFI and Android-on-x86 expertise provides a valuable resource and increased opportunity for product differentiation to our embedded customers.” Mike Carboni, Director, Software Development, Product Enabling & Development for the IoT Solutions Group, Intel Corporation